Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Eggs and ham. You've probably heard of these famous pairs and for any brand and company there's one famous pair in particular that goes hand-in-hand: content and marketing. 

This means Social Media!

Wallace can be found across all social platforms and has been able to create and build a loyal online presence particularly on TikTok and Instagram.










With over 596K Followers on TikTok and several viral videos of 1 Million views or more, including one that hit over 11.2 Million Views, Wallace is what industry calls #trending. Wallace has been able to combine Food, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship with creative and viral content that not just incorporates trends but does so with education, positivity and fun.



On Instagram, Wallace has become a go-to profile for anyone looking to learn how to cook, admire some tasty #foodporn and get some inspiration and motivation for everyday life whether as a entrepreneur, someone in fitness or chef.

Not to be undone, his IG REELS have garnered high views as well with several in the 10's of thousands and one with 1.9M views. He also has a post on the popular account Pubity that has 8M views.

Wallace currently has a new IGTV Cooking Series called "What's Cooking" with over 50 episodes to date showing people how to cook from the comfort of their homes making delicious, healthy, fun and creative recipes with everyday ingredients he has at home. It’s Raw and Uncut and gives people a glimpse into what and how Wallace cooks on the regular.


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