"ON THE LINE": Interactive Cooking Class with Wallace Wong

In restaurant lingo, the Line is the cooking space where cooking is done. On The Line means you are cooking together with the Chefs for a service.

So let’s cook together! Come join me "online" for a live real-time virtual cooking class!


Every class I will guide you through an entire recipe as we cook together from the comfort of your own kitchen and home! All the classes will be recorded and available after the session so don’t worry about trying to remember things or the speed of the class; you can always decide to simply sit, enjoy a beverage and watch the class, jot down some notes and cook at your own pace with a video to reference to after. 


The classes are all interactive, personal and limited to 10 households (yes that means you can have several people in a household joining). By keeping the classes smaller, I am not just able to help troubleshoot any problems you might come across in your own kitchen but we will also be able to hang out and enjoy everyone's company through food!


I am super excited to cook, hangout and answer any cooking questions you might have for me, all while learning and showing you tasty dishes!


How it works:

Every class, you will in advance receive a downloadable package with the recipe, a grocery list of ingredients and the equipment you will need for the class. This way you are prepped and ready to cook when the class starts.


The classes will be held on ZOOM and you will receive a special link the day before the class to join our ZOOM class.


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