Sushi is easily one of the most loved types of foods out there and for good reason! Let me show you how fun, easy, creative and of course tasty it can be in your own home!


I'll be teaching you the most popular styles of sushi rolls including California Roll, Temaki (hand roll), a Uramaki roll and a Spicy Seafood Roll. 


The class will cover the essentail ingredients to making sushi and by the end of the class, you will know be able to make sushi so easily that these ingredients will become staples in your kitchen and pantry.





SUSHI 101: MAKIMONOS (08/09 4pm EST)

  • We understand that sometimes life happens! Don't sweat.


    We will gladly let you choose another class of equal value to switch and attend at no added cost or questions asked as long as space is available.


    Simply let us know 48 hrs in advance so that we can try to fill your spot(s).


    That said, please note that all class purchases are final and that there will be no refunds =)

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