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How To Survive A Diet

By Wallace Wong

As a professional chef, international fitness athlete and busy entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to try to stick to a diet and balance all that life has to offer.

This isn't a recipe or cookbook; it's the ultimate survival guide to dieting! 

These are a collection of the tips and tricks that I have learned and created over the years and use in my daily life and now you can too.

No more excuses, no more falling off your diet! 

How To Survive A Diet is a collection of tips and tricks I use everyday to help me  Eat Good - Look Good - Live Great 

and I am sharing them with you!

How To Survive A Diet Includes:

Over 50 pages of Tips and Tricks ready for you to implement right away!

Over 24 Multi-Purpose Sauces and Spice Blend Recipes

Downloadable Immediately After Purchase


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